Vincent Tam

Rooftop Architecture Poster Series



A set of three posters were created in order to reflect the spirit of architecture through the exploration of 3D typography as a central piece of imagery. More specifically it was determined that the posters would function together to represent a lecture series around the central topic of “Rooftop Architecture,” and the valuable ways that it can impact the future of sustainability and conservation in the design of buildings.


After identifying the appropriate set of subtopics, rooftop runoff, rooftop landscapes, and solar rooftops, a cleverly allusive, yet sharp and simple, set of the corresponding words, “Flow,” “Grow,” and “Stow” were chosen to signify each poster. The words were also intended to reflect the elements of water, plant-life, and the sun as the three pillars which exist at the core of sustainable living.

(=) design

Outdoor photography was chosen as an appropriate medium to capture a certain environmental feel and sensibility. Each photo was taken within an appropriate rooftop setting to communicate a literal picture of being in an elevated space. In a more figurative sense the vast backdrop of the sky is used to communicate a sense in which conservation and green design exist as the answer to a bright and open future.

The type itself was formed and created out of bent steel wire and modeled after a condensed san-serif typeface to reflect a geometric form and sense of structural height consistent with the subject matter and theme of architectural design. The use of metal, a material commonly associated with outdoor structures, was displayed in an environmental context in order to depict a sense of being “exposed to the elements.”