Vincent Tam

MakeKit (MFA Thesis)


(-) objective

A comprehensive project which spanned three semesters of intensely focused research and development, exploration, and refinement in the completion of an academic thesis. The project focused on the topic of creative self-expression, and how it remains an important platform which can help at-risk youth develop a sense of identity and resilience.

(+) concept

All deliverables were designed underneath the following brand statement:

When we express ourselves in a visually creative manner, we uncover the true grit of confidence and individuality that lives in every soul.

Deliverables primarily centered around a series of visual art kits which also operated as a symbol of how young people can explore and discover their own individual “kit” of resilience factors when they pursue personal avenues of creative expression. 

(=) design

Careful design considerations were made to encourage and inspire youth through the creative process without detracting from their own artistic originality. A core component of the visual system consisted of simple and engaging words, phrases, and statements represented by large bold serif type. This was done as a method to incite thoughtfulness and intentionality around the concept of self-expression.

A bright and bold color palette was used in conjunction with the neutral qualities of kraft paper and cardboard to communicate an excited, yet unintimidated, connection to the notions of creativity and art. All design goals centered around the intention to create visual intrigue while also keeping a certain unbiased aesthetic, leaving space for one’s own unique creativity to take shape.