Vincent Tam

Scouts of America


(-) objective

A semester-wide project in which a dead, dying, or defunct brand was chosen for re-branding. The goal was to reimagine and resurrect the brand in a new light without departing from the core soul that gave it original significance and meaning. The re-branding process was carried out through three phases of research, development, and standardization of a renewed identity, mission, and vision.

(+) concept

The original soul of the original Boy Scouts of America was identified under the statement, “To empower young boys with the kinds of upstanding values and practices that will help build them up as tomorrow’s leaders.” The renewed brand mission extends this notion of “building up tomorrow’s leaders” in more explicit terms that centered around service of others and the extension of “community, empathy, and service to all people.”  

(=) design

The new “Scouts of America” brand and logo is represented by the illustration of three points coming towards one another and clasping together to symbolize the three unified pillars of “community, empathy, and service.” However, at the same time, certain ambiguities of the symbol pay homage to its roots with vague resemblances to the trefoil represented by the original logo. 

To carry out the vision of the renewed “Scouts of America,” three brand guidebooks were designed and created to capture the phases of research, development, and standardization of its new identity. The design of the books themselves was to encompass a modern take of the scouting handbook. In addition, a website was created as a platform to illustrate a comprehensive set of brand extensions that would bring the renewed identity and vision to life.