Vincent Tam



(-) objective

A project in which the goal was to define a real world problem and explore how design can be used to educate, inspire, and empower action and change. The topic that was selected surrounded the issue of ocean and beach litter, and how it continues to critically threaten our natural world. 

(+) concept

Design objectives were to create a poster series that would convey the threatening contrast between the beauty our beaches and the oceans against the ugliness of the trash and litter that are often found on them. A tone of irony was used in formulating the messaging, while each poster focused separately on one of the top three litter items found on our world’s beaches and ocean. 

(=) design

Watercolor was used to graphically integrate with photography in way to engage a dueling sense of appeal and distaste for the visuals and the subject matter. The manmade qualities of watercolor paint along with handwritten type were used to illicit and reflect the notion that we as humans are equally the source of the problem, and also solely responsible for solving it.