Vincent Tam




The paradox of stillness and harmony is that it comes as the result of a balance between unlike but necessary forces. As it is with all things in the human world, there are blacks and whites which exist as conditional opposites. However, it is the gray between them that creates a meaningful relationship amid the two, providing true depth to the overall picture.

Just as the laws of gravity govern the balance of order and chaos in our world, the opposing realms of technical and creative thinking and application are vital entities which play a fundamental role in yielding optimal design solutions. While practical investigation and analysis engages the mind to understand and define purpose, creative thought and experimentation is what connects that information to beauty and value. It is the age-old push and pull between function and form.

The logic of science and the elusiveness of art both stand as opposing forces, but remain equally integral to creating design that not only works, but also bears substance and meaning.